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Why You Need a Commercial Photographer

February 2021
Why You Need a Commercial Photographer

With so much of our business now taking place online, using high-quality images has never been so important. Using a commercial photographer will ensure that you have good quality images to represent you and your brand professionally at all times.

Commercial Shoot

A commercial photography shoot is a great way to obtain a portfolio of images that you can confidently use time and time again when promoting your business and brand. A professional commercial photographer tailors the photographs to your company and will ensure they’re on-brand, consistent and engaging. Good stock images will be the foundation of your branding and will give you the edge over your competitors.
Whether you’re a national brand or a sole trader, every business and organisation has a need for commercial photography. From profile portraits to team shoots, products or premises, any image used to represent you should be of professional quality. If it’s not, think about the message you will be sending out to your potential clients and customers.

For example, can you imagine looking at an estate agents brochure of a million-pound house that has used non-professional photographs? The chances are that the house wouldn’t sell. Apply this same logic to your business and think about the images you’re currently using? Are they sending out the right message about who you are and what you’re trying to say? Are they reflective of your brand and overall, do they do you justice?

Where Can They Be Used?

So you’ve got yourself a portfolio and now you’re wondering what to do with your new-found treasure. Think about what you do each day that requires your business/organisation representation. Whether it’s physical advertising, such as brochures, flyers or product packaging, or your online presence (for example, social media profiles, websites, online product descriptions), commercial photography is everywhere. The benefits of having a commercial image portfolio are that it ensures a consistent representation. It will encourage brand awareness. Think about your favourite companies. You would probably recognise them just from looking at the images they use. They have built up their brand awareness and, this should be your goal too. Bingo.

Professionally Edited

Good commercial photographers will always take the images away to edit and colour correct the photographs taken. Images used for advertising should always be HR (high resolution) and, a good commercial photographer will provide this. Using anything other than HR will result in poor-quality images and pixelation. When advertising food, for example, you need clear and sharp images, you don’t want to see the individual small pixels. You want the food to look like you could pick it up and eat it. Good commercial photography will achieve this. 

Leading Imagery 

Having travelled the world as a photographer in the Royal Marines, Andy at Leading Imagery has experience in both wet and digital photography, he has over eighteen years of experience. Leading Imagery is used by numerous companies across Derbyshire and the UK to create professional commercial portfolios. For more information on how to book in your commercial shoot, contact us here today. 

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