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Why brand photography is so important

April 2021
Why brand photography is so important

As we ease out of lockdown, it’s a really good time to have a look at your current advertising and your current branding. Does it represent you and everything you stand for? Do your images give a true representation of what you are and what you offer? This is why brand photography is so important. The images you use to represent you say so much more than any amount of words ever can.

Is it time to invest in a brand photography portfolio?

What is brand photography?

Whether its team photos, headshots, product images or images showing your premises, each and every image you use says something about you as a company or organisation.

Using professional images will ensure that your company or business looks the very best it can. Unprofessional images give that impression – unprofessional. Who wants to do business with someone or something unprofessional? That’s right, no-one. So in short, having unprofessional imagery limits your potential.

A professional photographer knows about lighting and how you can use it to create different effects. If photographed correctly, your products will look crisp and clear. Your customers will see products in more detail, detail that you just don’t get when using mobiles or other compact cameras. It’s the same for portraits and team shots. It doesn’t matter how good you think your phone is, unless the image is High Resolution, the quality will be poor, especially when used for print.

Investment Portfolio

What’s a portfolio, I hear you say? Well – it’s a set of images (taken professionally by Leading Imagery) that give a good representation of you and the services/goods that you offer. They work together as a consistent and complete set, and the beauty is, they can be used time and time again. People identify with these consistent images, therefore you and your brand become stronger. Having a portfolio of images is a key component of all good marketing, will save you money whilst helping to generate more sales and awareness.

Booking in your portfolio shoot

It’s easy to book your shoot with and what’s more, with over seventeen years of photography experience from all around the world, Andy is able to offer in-depth advice as to the images and style that will work well for you.

Where to use your images

Once you have your portfolio, it’s important to use your images consistently. They will be the cornerstone for all of your marketing needs.
Brochures, website, social media, physical advertisements, press releases, blog posts etc.

In today’s world of e-commerce and social media marketing, having good quality brand photography is imperative. Book your brand portfolio photography shoot now.
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