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The Ultimate Guide to Portrait Photography

May 2021
The Ultimate Guide to Portrait Photography

One of the most common forms of photography is Portrait Photography.

Portrait photography, or portraiture, is a style of photography that captures the personality of a person (family or pet) using effective backdrops, lighting, reflectors and poses.

Different Uses

People use portrait photography for different reasons. For fun and creative purposes – family and pets. Also, for more corporate reasons, headshots may be required for branding purposes. One of the most popular forms of portrait photography is black and white portraiture. The photographer can use the lighting to define and create quite dramatic and intense shots.

Taking portrait shots as a photographer is all about capturing the personality. Even for a solemn headshot, a professional photographer will still be able to capture certain expressions. That certain sparkle or twinkle in the eye perhaps. It’s part of a professional photographers skill set to be able to do this. As easy as it is to point your phone camera and click away, a professional photographer will be thinking about the lighting, timing and composition required to get the best shot possible.

Relaxed Environment

Getting the most out of your subject can be a challenge. It’s more than asking people to ‘smile’ or ‘look this way’. Here at Leading Imagery, Andy has been lucky enough to travel all around the world as a photographer, honing his craft along the way as he documented his travels.

One of the most important skills that a professional photographer requires is to be able to make people feel at ease during the shoot. Stilted images are often the result of nervous subjects. With this in mind, Leading Imagery ensures a warm and friendly service is always ready and waiting. The state of the art studio in Clay Cross, Chesterfield is spacious and welcoming and there’s always plenty of time between shoots so that clients do not feel rushed.

This relaxed method ensures excellent results and stunning portraits.

Benefits of Studio Photography

There are many benefits in booking and using a professional studio based photographer.
First and foremost, using an experienced photographer like Andy at Leading Imagery guarantees you professional images. Images that you will be proud to have hanging on your wall or placed in pride of place on the mantelpiece. No blurry images, no closed eyes, red eyes or people not looking. Even for pets, Leading Imagery know what works and what doesn’t. We know that composition is incredibly important and we know all the tricks to get that special shot.

Secondly, the equipment used. Leading Imagery invests heavily in the photography equipment used and the studio layout. From the shoot itself through to the editing process. Images beautifully created and beautifully presented.

Why Do I Need a Portrait Shoot?

Portraits are an excellent way of capturing moments with friends and families alike. We all have hundred’s if not thousands of images on our phones however, when do we actually get round to printing them? Having a professional shoot ensures you have a moment documented forever. Printed out professionally rather than hidden away on a phone. Great gifts to share with loved ones.

More and more of us now work online without ever getting to meet our clients. In short, having professional images for company branding has never been so important. Simple headshots are now an essential part of profile content and having quality images is imperative. Branding reflects your business, therefore poor quality images will suggest you’re less than professional. A simple brand portrait shoot starts from as little as £25.

Leading Imagery

Leading Imagery headed up by Andy Hibberd, have been taking professional photographs for over 18 years now. Based in their studio, they specialise in portrait, wedding, pet and commercial photography. If you have a need for a professional shoot, book with confidence here.

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