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Planning for your wedding day

July 2021
Planning for your wedding day

Don’t Cut Cornersh2.

Weddings can be expensive. (I say ‘can be’ because they don’t have to be, it’s not the law) However, one piece of advice for people opting for smaller weddings (and I can’t stress this enough), is, wherever possible, don’t try and do it all yourself.

Don’t think that you can do all the catering
Don’t think you can drive yourself to the wedding ceremony
Don’t think you can take care of the photography

Now you’re probably thinking, Well he would say that. But I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for over 18 years. I’ve witnessed hundreds of weddings and I’ve witnessed first-hand the problems that couples have had when they’ve cut certain corners.

It can be a false economy and can often spoil the day.

First off – Plan, Plan and Plan again

It’s important to have a PLAN for your wedding day. Whether it’s a small intimate wedding or a large celebration, it’s always important to plan in advance. My years in the Royal Marines have instilled the importance of a plan and I truly believe in the phrase ‘fail to plan – then plan to fail’

A plan will help you manage your expectations. Ask yourself, how do you want your wedding day to be? And then ask how you’re going to achieve it?

Always be realistic.

Have a Back Up Plan

So you’ve decided how you want your day to run and have put a plan in place – but have you thought of a back up plan?

What will happen if it rains and you’ve planned to have outdoor catering? What will happen if you’re planning to wear beautiful stiletto shoes but you want all of your photography out in the fields? What will happen if you plan for uncle so and so to take photographs on his phone but his phone runs out of charge and he wants to leave early in the evening? It happens…..

These are all important examples of issues that need to be addressed and prepared in advance for.

*Just for info: Leading Imagery photography recommends having a spare set of more practical shoes for the Bride if walking over grassy fields is part of the day. It saves the Bride’s wedding shoes from mud and dirt. It also helps ease the pressure on the Brides feet (it’s a long day don’t forget). If the wedding dress is long enough, there’s no reason why it can’t be kept on longer.

**We also carry large umbrellas, just in case of heavy downpours. We like to be prepared!

Don’t let uncle so and so take the photographs

Photographs of your wedding day are essential. Everyone needs to have their special moments captured forever in print, ready to reminisce over at a later date. That’s why it’s so important to use a professional. Don’t cut corners or take chances. You only have one special day and you want those memories kept alive through your photographs.

It might seem an easy option, to let a family member take your wedding day pictures, but always remember that there’s a reason for the term ‘professional wedding photographer’ and the clue is in the word ‘professional’.

Picking up a camera (whether it’s your phone or an SLR) is easy but knowing exactly how to use and obtain perfect imagery is not. Wedding photographers spend years training and honing their craft. They know how to work the light. They understand the importance of good composition and that timing is everything. Remember, you will want to look back at your photographs in years to come. Poor quality photographs will disappoint and possibly taint the memory of your day.

Remember the plan! Book your wedding photographer in advance and then take immense pride as you tick it off your ‘to do’ list.

One less worry and no backup plan required by you. A professional photography service has it all covered, you’re guaranteed quality images. If their camera is accidentally dropped (this has happened to me before) then a spare one is available and on hand. No stress. No panic. Just beautiful images and beautiful memories.


So I repeat. Some parts of your wedding day are just too important to ‘make do’. Using professionals on your special day is an investment worth making.

Leading Imagery offers a versatile, flexible and professional wedding photography service. For more information, contact us here

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