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Let’s Talk about Printing

September 2021
Let’s Talk about Printing

Since the first forms of printing were established some 1800 years ago in China, printing has progressed above and beyond. The latest method of printing being introduced in 1991 in the form of digital printing.

However, it is in this digital age that we take hundreds of pictures very easily each year, yet never print any of them out.

Waiting for development

Remember the days of loading your camera with a 36 exposure film? Who couldn’t wait to rush to their local photoshop or chemist and hand in the used up film in order to have their holiday snaps or party photos developed? It would usually take a week or you could pay extra for an express service.

Now we have the ability to print our pics in an instant, but we don’t!

Instead – we keep 1000’s of images stored away, never to see the light of day. We have forgotten how good it is to look at a physical photograph.

Although we now take more photos than ever (because of the ease of using our phones) we print less and less, despite all of us having at least a handful of images that we’d really like to see in print.

The worrying thing is (not many people realise this), images saved on our phones and via iCloud deteriorate in quality over time….. I know, shocking isn’t it? But, when you save your photographs to your phone/laptop etc, the file compresses the image.

Also, have you noticed the change in quality when you WhatsApp someone photographs? Each time, you open your photo to look at it, the image quality is being degraded constantly.

It makes sense nowadays to use a professional photography service, to both take images and print them out for you, ensuring the highest quality image as well as the highest quality print.

So what are the printing processes?

The benefits of using a professional photographer in today’s world are their knowledge of the printing process and the ability to produce and edit images accordingly.

Colour management for instance – understanding how an image changes from camera to display device to the printer, is essential to creating good quality images that are pleasing to the eye.

Print Resolution is in simple terms the level of detail in a printed image. You may have heard of HR images, basically, higher resolution images. Images that have a higher detail, and can be measured in DPI (dots per inch). The more dots that are printed per inch, the higher the resolution of the image and therefore the higher the quality in terms of sharpness and detail.

Resolution is extremely important when it comes to printing, it’s the difference between professional and unprofessional.

As professional photographers, we take ‘raw’ images rather than jpegs (as mentioned earlier, jpeg files compress and are smaller).

Raw images are multi-layered and provide an extremely accurate and more detailed colourisation of the original photos. They enable more control over the images taken, including the white balance, saturation, sharpness and contrast – everything needed for quality prints.

Value of Professional Printing

The beauty of using a professional photography service (such as Leading Imagery) is that you don’t have to worry about any of these processes.

Having your photographs professionally taken and printed out with us ensures that you will always receive the highest quality print.

Your own professional image that you can look at daily.

A professional image capturing a moment in time that’s now gone.

That’s the beauty of having photographs printed. High-quality images that aren’t hidden away on a phone. Images that can’t be lost if your laptop crashes.

High-quality prints that are yours to cherish.

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