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How to Get the Best Portrait Photography

March 2021
How to Get the Best Portrait Photography

As professional photographers for over 18 years, we know that taking quality portrait photographs requires a thorough understanding of composition and light. It’s a skill that comes with time and through experience.

Here at Leading Imagery, we’re re-known for taking high-quality portrait photographs, whether they’re of individuals, families or pets (see our earlier blog post on pet photography). Capturing good portrait shots is not just about sitting in front of the camera and clicking away. There’s a lot more to consider and if not done correctly, you’ll end up with a dull and lifeless image that nobody wants. From a lone headshot or a family group portrait, we know what works and what doesn’t.


Lighting is THE key to good photography. The very word ‘photography comes from the Greek words ‘photos’ and ‘Graphe’ meaning light drawing.

If your lighting isn’t good then the chances are your portrait photography will be of poor quality. For portraits, depending on where the light is positioned, different effects will be created. Here at Leading Imagery, we chat with our clients beforehand to discuss the images and moods that they are wanting to be captured. Even in a solemn black and white portrait, you should still be able to see life in the face of the subject. This is why understanding light and its role in photography is so important.

Focus on the Eyes

As well as lighting, the pose is also key to creating the right image. Knowing how to pose your subjects in order to get the expression and mood wanted is crucial. As with the lighting, posing at different angles will also change the feel of the image. It sounds obvious, but knowing what works in photography really does take time and skill to master.

Knowing to focus on the eyes in portraiture is a simple but important tip. Eyes will almost always draw you into an image. One of the most famous documentary portrait images is Steve McCurry’s Afghan Girl photo, which appeared on the cover of National Geographic. Just look at her piercing eyes staring straight back at the camera. It’s a very striking shot that captivated the whole world in 1984. It’s a really good example of how important focusing is.

Relaxed Environment

Nobody wants to see a stiff and stilted image. You can tell straight away from looking at an image whether the subject felt at ease.

One of the many positives of coming to the Leading Imagery photographic studio is that it’s a great, fun and relaxed environment. We build up good relationships with all of our clients and we know how to get the best out of every shoot. Having fun and feeling relaxed will reflect enormously on the end result. We have many returning clients who have been coming back to our studio for years and years.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

So now you know what makes a good portrait and what doesn’t, why not treat your Mum this Mother’s day. We have gift voucher’s available, that can be used for individual portraits or for family shoots. Whether you want your Mum to have her very own portrait, or perhaps get the family together for a fun family portrait, you’ll be giving a gift that captures precious memories forever.

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