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A Winter Wedding

December 2020
A Winter Wedding

To say there haven’t been as many weddings this year would be an understatement and for the weddings that did go ahead, many were scaled down. Next year though, weddings and events look like they will slowly start to get back to some form of normality and that includes more winter weddings. So here’s some Leading Imagery advice for Winter wedding photography.

Getting Married in Winter

Nowadays, weddings happen throughout the year, not just in Spring and Summer. Although these two seasons are still very popular, more and more people are now choosing Winter to tie the knot. There are many reasons for this: Practical reasons including venues having more availability (occasionally at lower prices). Sometimes it’s to coincide with a particular date special to the couple and sometimes it’s just the opportunity to have wonderful wintery wedding photos. This is where I come in – Andy at Leading Imagery. 

Winter Wedding – It’s all about the lighting

When one of my couples tell me they want to get married in Winter, the first question I ask is what time? This isn’t because I only work certain hours in the Winter, it’s so that I can gauge how much natural light there will be at specific times of the day.
For a couple who may be getting married later in the afternoon, it’s important to consider how long the ceremony might last and whether you want photographs outside afterwards. Church services can sometimes last up to 90 mins, so depending on what time your service finishes, you may be chasing what’s left of daylight.
(Did you know that the word photography comes from the Greek words ‘phot’ and ‘grat’ – light and graph? It means drawing with light) and that’s how photography has evolved. It’s all about the light. So for all of my Winter weddings, I like to put a plan in place to maximise the natural daylight wherever we can, ensuring that you have the very best Winter wedding photographs possible.

Winter Wedding – Weather Plan

Another important and perhaps obvious consideration is the weather. Of course, there are many days when the Winter sky is blue and the air is dry and crisp. But there are also the days when the wind is blowing and the rain is pouring. Let’s put a plan in place. (Think of having a change of shoes or wellies super discreet, no-one will ever see and large umbrellas on hand).
I will work with you to ensure that no matter what the weather throws at us, you will get high-quality images taken by an experienced photographer. (I travelled the world capturing images in all kinds of weather, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands). 

2021 – Winter Wedding

For any couples who are thinking of getting married next year? Contact me here to check our availability and to ask me any questions that you may have. 
Christmas 2020
So that just leaves me to tell you that if you’re looking for great Christmas gifts, we have gift vouchers available to purchase. Wonderful gifts that will capture memories forever. Contact us here.
Have a wonderful safe Christmas.

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